Healthy Homes

We Build Healthy, Sustainable Homes

As a partner of the Energy Trust of Oregon and Northwest Energy Star Homes, we believe your family and your future are your most valuable assets, and we help you protect them by adhering to the healthiest home building standards.  Through the use of quality construction materials, zero or low off-gassing products and a focus on healthy building practices, we ensure that your home is the safe, secure place it should be.


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The Importance of Healthy Home Building

Surprisingly, Healthy Home Building is not necessarily synonymous with Green Home Building. But we believe they can be. At Fabrycki Homes, we understand the value of good health and a sustainable environment and are constantly researching the latest products in green and healthy home building so that we can pass that information on, giving our clients the best information and  options available.

Green Home Building & Our Sustainable Practices

Fabrycki Homes is dedicated to building sustainably and partners with Energy Trust of Oregon to certify its homes with the standardized EPS score.

Fabrycki Homes incorporates green building practices in all phases of construction.  From proper ventilation and insulation to the installation of energy efficient applicances and the recycling of construction waste, we are always looking for new ways to weave sustainable practices into our process.

A Green/Sustainable Home is built in an ecological and resource-efficient manner. Designed to use energy, water, and other resources efficiently thereby reducing the impact on the environment. We believe a green home should be energy efficient, comfortable, and fit into – not in spite of – its environment.

Fabrycki Homes believes great clients are informed clients and educates its partners on all of their green-building options.  Call us at 503-313-1128 or send us a message here.